Zephyr Heights is the sixth level of Pac-Man World 3. At the start of the level, Pac-Man is teleported into an arena of monsters. After he defeats the monsters, Pac-Man is greeted by a giant lummox - the first in the game. Winding his way through twists and turns, Pac-Man then finds himself in a village of broken windmills that he must repair to get to the other side of the village. Emerging from the other side of a cave, Pac-Man then sees a syphon which Orson tells him is too dangerous to enter face-on, so he must sneak around the back before entering its gates. After destroying the syphon, Orson informs Pac-Man that there is an even bigger syphon hidden inside a nearby mountain. Pac-Man enters into a set of ancient catacombs and battles with powerful scorpions before finding himself face-to-face with Erwin for the first time. Erwin, in his mega-syphon, does the best he can to destroy Pac-Man, but Pac-Man ultimately prevails, hurling Erwin far away. Pac-Man then enters into the ancient catacombs toward the other side of the mountain.

Zephyr Heights is notably different from the previous five levels in that not only does Orson not explain what to do at the very beginning of the level, there are enemies waiting to greet Pac-Man immediately after he enters the level (which has not happened so far). Intimidating enough as it starts out, Zephyr Heights only gets worse as Pac-Man progresses through it. Not only is it one of the longest levels in the game, it is also the only one to have more than one syphon that Pac-Man must destroy (Zephyr Heights has two). Zephyr Heights also contains one of only two bosses in the entire game (the second of the two syphons), and it's not even halfway through the game. Simply put, Zephyr Heights tests to the extreme your ability to use the skills learned in the first five levels. After completing this level, you should have no problem completing the next few levels in the game. 

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