Yellow pac sub

Yellow Pac-Marine is the third level in the Ocean in Pac-Man World 2. The name is obviously a pun of the Beatles hit song "Yellow Submarine."

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*This Level Was the Only One That Doesnt Have Pac-Dots in This Level.

*If Pac-Man Lost 3 Lives,His Submarine Will Break Up into Many Pieces.

*This Level Was The Only Level To Fire Torpedoes.

*He Cant Eat Pac-Dots,Because He is inside the Submarine.

*If Pac-Man Fires a Torpedoe at the pipe,The Pipe will realease a Black smoke causing him to cannot see.

*Hitting An Obstical Will Cause him To lose 1 life.

*The reason why That Pac-Man Cant use Flippers This time,Is because the Sea is More Deeper than the levels:Scuba duba and Shark Attack.

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