Wobbly Ice Cream is a mini-game in Pac-Man Party.


Some ghosts throw some scoops of ice cream, and the players dodge it.


The object of this mini-game is to collect the most scoops or reach the flag. Each player has a cone to catch falling scoops of ice cream. Power Cookies make the ice cream stand up straight. The player with the most scoops or the player who reached the flag first wins. There is a 60 second time limit.


The losing players are shown scooping up scoops of ice cream that fell to the ground, while the winner is shown in his or her chair while preparing to eat his or her ice cream.


  • This mini-game is similar to Coney Island from Mario Party 5.
  • If Roger is playing this mini-game, he has his cone on his head in the intro.
  • For some strange reason, when the player wins, he or she makes the sound that plays when they use their Power Cookie.

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