Pac-Man World 2 Mega Whale Boss Level
Whale on a Sub
is the fifth boss level in Pac-Man World 2. The 4 ghosts build a gigantic whale-like submarine, known as the Whale on a Sub. The only way to defeat them is if you fire torpedos at its propellers. the Mega-Whale will launch Mines and shark subs from its rear end. if the player gets too high, the boss will fire its cannon. at its last hit, the mines will be larger. it is also possible to hit the propeller supports.


*The Name of The Robotic-Whale was "Megawhale."

*If Pac-Man Defeat Megawhale,He will Get the golden fruit.

*If Pac-Man Tries To fire Topideos At the propellers,Megawhale will dissappear and Ghost subs are coming to get Him.

*When Pac-Man avoid The ghost subs,Megawhale will Re-Appear.

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