Walking Barrel

A Walking Barrel (left) and a regular barrel (right)

A Walking Barrel is an enemy in Pac-Man World. As the title says, they are walking barrels. Despite the amount that appear, the Walking Barrels are only in Corsair's Cove.

The Walking Barrel looks like a smaller version of a regular barrel, except it has small eye holes, and little feet coming out of the end. It also has a fuse at the top of it.

Walking Barrels usually tip-toe around when Pac-Man isn't looking. Although they don't attack you, if you come too close to them, the fuse will light and it will explode shortly thereafter.

The only way to destroy a Walking Barrel is to Butt-Bounce on it when it isn't going to explode.


  • The tip-toeing noise the Walking Barrel makes is identical to the tip-toeing noise Pac-Man makes in World 2.
  • They could have gotten the idea from the Walking Barrel.

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