Dear Readers,

There is something I would like to know about the Pac Man TV series, the one from the 1980s that was on Cartoon Network in the mid 1990s, and I'm sure this is the same series.

In one episode, there was a railroad crossing, or so my sister told me as she was watching Pac Man, only I missed it and I never saw it and have been trying to. I mean I saw the episode but missed the part with the railroad crossing in it. My sister told me it had a crossing gate, which she also said got ran over.

First, is there really an episode with a railroad crossing in it? And if so, which episode was it (what's the title of the episode)? I was informed about this in 1997, back when I was in 5th grade but never saw the episode again after that.

This was the 1980s series and this was on Cartoon Network (at least in Germany) in 1997. I'd like to see that episode again (but not on YouTube please.)

So if anyone knows for sure, please let me know, if there really was a crossing somewhere in the Pac Man series, and if so, which episode(s).

Thanks in Advance

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