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  • I live in Cwmbran, Wales, United Kingdom
  • I was born on February 20
  • I am female
  • StrawberryStar123

    Here's One Thing That I Have To Say Today About The 'Pac-Man And Cuties Wiki'...

    The Pac-Man And Cuties Wiki Will Now Only Focus On The Fan-Characters That I Made And The Official Pac-Man Characters! That's Because I Made The 'Pac-Man And Cuties' Wiki Myself! Some Entries Of Fan-Characters That Are Not Made By Me Still Remain!

    So... I Decided To Give My Wiki A Good Clean-Up! It's Just To Make My Wiki Much Better Than Before! For The Crossovers... They're Still Allowed On The 'Pac-Man And Cuties Wiki'! No Trolls or Vandals Have Added Any Insults To Any Pages On The 'Pac-Man And Cuties' Wiki At All!

    From Now On, It's Up To Me Who's Adding The New Entries Of The Pac-Man Fan-Characters On The 'Pac-Man And Cuties' Wiki Now! Only Everything To Do P…

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  • StrawberryStar123

    Well... Back In The Summer Of 2012, I Opened Up The 'Pac-Man And Cuties' Wiki! I'm The Founder Of That Wiki And Has Lots Of Information Of Every Official Pac-Man Character And Every Fan-Made Character!

    Now, I Was Going To Think Of Opening Up Another 'Pac-Man' Themed Wiki! This Time, The 'Pac-Man' Themed Wiki I'm Going To Open Up Might Be Only To Do With Nothing But Pac-Ghosts And The Places The Pac-Ghosts Live In And The Items The Pac-Ghosts Have!

    I Call The New Wiki... The 'Pac-Man Ghosts' Wiki!

    There'll Be Rules On The 'Pac-Man Ghosts' Wiki But They're A Little Bit Different Than The Rules On The 'Pac-Man And Cuties' Wiki!

    The Rules On The 'Pac-Man Ghosts' Wiki Are:

    • No Vandalizing Or Putting Silly Changes/Information On Any Of The Pages On Th…
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  • StrawberryStar123

    I Was Wondering... I'm Going To Think Of Having A 'Pac-Man' Fan-Series! It's Going To Be Called 'Pac-Man's Adventures In Pacatopia' And It's An Anime Series! It's Going To Include Some Of The Characters From 'Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures' Plus Brand New Unseen Characters! In The 'Pac-Man's Adventures In Pacatopia' Anime, The Pac-Worlders Pac, Cylindria And Spiral Are Youngsters/Kids Who Each Have A Family With Parents And Siblings While The Pac-Ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky And Clyde Are Adults And Each Of The Four Pac-Ghosts Come From A Different Family! It Is Much Different Than How Pac, Cylindria, Spiral, Blinky, Pinky, Inky And Clyde Are In 'Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures!

    The 'Pac-Man's Adventures In Pacatopia' Anime Takes Place…

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