Round One!

You probably already received the notification, but if you haven't, CLICK ON THE BLUE TEXT, look for the Pac-Dots, and vote for them… it!

Yeah, it's probably a bit childish, but you edit on the Pac-Man Wiki and that displays your devotion to Pac-Man, and plus your vote is anonymous, so there's no shame!

We're currently winning by a landslide, so while you're there, you may as well look around the other polls and vote for the other foods you like. But don't forget to vote for the Pac-Dots!

Am I a little competitive? Maybe. I don't care. Just vote for the Pac-Dots, damnit.

Round Two!

Alright, guys! We made it to Round two of fantasy food fight. We won with a landslide of votes in the first round, but now it's beginning to get intense. Round two has just commenced two days ago, but we received no notification like in the first round.

Now, we're up against a soda from Futurama called Slurm, and we're a good 32 votes ahead of them… AS OF NOW. Round two ends in September 10, and that's plenty of time for Futurama fans to get together and vote their drink to a Round Two victory… but NO. We won't let that happen! CLICK HERE ON THE BLUE TEXT! Look for the Pac-Dots, and vote for them! VOTE!!

Round Three!

As of now, September 12, we are losing a battle against Willy Wonka's Chocolate. The margin is pretty huge… BUT, this competition is still ripe! We still have an opportunity to win this. The chances are slimmer than it was in the first round, but it's not ever yet. Hurry and CLICK OVER HERE and vote for the Pac-Dots!

A Well-Fought Battle

After a hard battle, the Pac-Dots are off the competition. We were pit up against a superior foe, the Chocolate from the Willy Wonka factory. They proved too much as they made more than 200% our total votes. Congrats to the Willy Wonka fans who were amazing supporters of their delicacy. We put up a helluva fight, people. Until next year!


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