The Treetop Cutting Industry is an wood-chopping industry that was closed down a decade before Pac-Man's visit to the high treetops.



The industry began saw-blading down the forest & put a headquarters inside a tree in the top of the forest canopy.

Closing out of business

The industry short-lived due to the fact it had closed down only about 9 months after it's approval by the Pac-Law. The reasons the industry was closed down was that workers kept getting lost on the maze-like trees & were never seen again or ended up plummeting off branches to their deaths or got saw-milled. Another reason was the sharpness of the blades & their setup conditions, they were set to cut several connected branches & if one were to break apart, then all the saws would fall out of place & the blades were too costly, along with the need for butane. Professor Pac told Pac-Man this over a bluetooth speaker while Pac-Man was going through the forest section of saws & butane.

Re-opening by Inky

10 years after the saws & butane grills were shut off by the industry due to the closure, Inky found the headquarters & re-activated the saws & grills. Inky set them up as a new security system so Pac-Man would be chopped up or burned if he tryed to pass into his territory. Pac-Man easily avoided the saws with the advisement of Professor Pac, who'd scanned the saws & saw their rustic age accommodations. Pac-Man was given advice to go to the top of the forest as he got to the butane factory, where grills were set to burn logs (now to be used to burn any intruders). Professor Pac claimed the controls to the saws & grills came all the way from the HQ, so if Inky had re-activated the saws & grills, then that's where Pac-Man would find him. Pac-Man defeated Inky in a showdown on the roof of the HQ & retrieved the Golden Strawberry. It is unknown what happened afterwards, if the saws & grills were ever shut off or if they eventually broke down.


Cutting Area

The cutting area is a whole section of the forest without butane grills, which saws rip apart the landscaping of logs & trees, which would send logs to the butane factorys by the workers.

Butane Factory

The butane factory is an area in a manner similar to the cutting area, except butane grills to burn logs are present & inside each tree is a generator that fuels the burning fires & another generator for the power of the burned logs is present at the top of the factory, in which, somewhere in the factory is the headquarters of the industry.


The HQ of the industry is a large tree top that contains a hollow interior where the saw & grill controls are. Inky & Pac-Man fought on the rooftop, according to the level, the entrance would be a hatch on the top of the tree or on a platform below.

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