Tokens are items found in Pac-Man World and Pac-Man World 2. Tokens have different uses in both of these games.


In Pac-Man World

In the original Pac-Man World, when Pacman reaches the end of the level, there is a Token at the end. Grabbing this Token will complete the level. The Token appears in every level except for HMS Windbag, Anubis Rex, King Galaxian, Clown Prix, Krome Keeper, Toc-Man's Lair, and of course, the HUB, Ghost Island. The Token first appears in Buccaneer Beach, the first level of the game.

In Pac-Man World 2

In-game description

"Tokens are used to activate the arcade games in Pac-Village. Collect as many tokens as you can to activate each of the arcade games."

In Pac-Man World 2, Tokens are much more abundant. They're no longer the item used to warp Pac-Man out of the level, but are now rare collectables. There are 180 in all, and are spread out across the game. Sometimes they're out in the open, but more often than not, they're a bit trickier to get than other items. There are rewards for collecting certain amounts of Tokens. Here is the list of things unlocked once enough Tokens are collected:

  • 10 Tokens: Unlocks Pac-Man in the Arcade (located in Pac-Village)
  • 60 Tokens: Unlocks the Jukebox, which plays music for every level of the game, whether the level has already been completed or not
  • 100 Tokens: Unlocks Pac-Mania in the Arcade
  • 150 Tokens: Allows Handy-Pac to make repairs on the Museum which the Ghost Gang vandalized when they stole the Golden Fruit. Therefore, 150 Tokens unlocks the Museum

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