Toc-Man (トックマン in Japanese)are a series of three robots created by Orson created to impersonate the design of Pac-Man.

Pac-Man World

The first Toc-Man serves as the main antagonist in Pac-Man World. He sends various minions to kidnap Pac-Man's family and friends on Pac-Man's 20th birthday and has these henchmen hold them hostage throughout various locations on Ghost Island. In game, Toc-Man is not encountered until the very end of the game, where he serves as the final boss.

After Toc-Man is defeated, it is revealed that he was a robot being piloted by Orson, a ghost that was jealous of Pac-Man's popularity. Pac-Man ends up eating a power pellet and chomping Orson shortly after the defeat.

Pac-Man World 3


Pac-Man controlling Toc-Man in Pac-Man World 3

The second Toc-Man appears in Pac-Man World 3. Unlike the first incarnation, it is a large battle mecha that can be piloted by both Pac-Man and ghosts. It first appears in the Banni Wastelands, where Orson asks Pac-Man to help him calibrate Toc-Man. In Toc-Man Battle, Pac-Man and Clyde fight against Erwin's army of huge robots. Pac-Man uses Toc-Man's punch and Clyde does his Sonic Boo, which is amplified by Toc-Man's gun to help destroy the robots.

Pac-Man World Rally


Toc-Man as seen in Pac-Man World Rally

The third Toc-Man robot is one of the playable characters in Pac-Man World Rally. He is classified as being a heavy racer, and has the highest top speed in the game, but also the lowest acceleration and handling stats in the game. Doc-Man uses a redesign of his Pac-Man World design, which is smaller in size. Unlike the other two models, this Toc-Man seems to act on it's own, without anyone piloting it.


"No, No, No! You idiots! I wanted gold streamers and red balloons! The DJ stinks, the banners are crooked and the cake should be chocolate!"

"You're gonna ruin my party!"

"What do you want!?"

"I thought you had captured Pac-Man!"

"You idiots, my plans are already in motion! Pac-Man cannot be allowed to crash my party. Find him and destroy him!"

"Well, here I am! Love me!"

"Don't run, I want a hug!"

"You've interfered with my plans for the last time, Pac-Man!"

"Well, here I am. (screams) That thing almost killed me! Medic!"


  • When a player gets a "Game Over" in Pac-Man World, Toc-Man appears and replaces the "Pac-Man World" logo with a "Toc-Man World" one. Eventually, the Toc will slide off the logo; yet Toc will continue taunting the player.
  • Toc-Man is named after one of Namco's now defunct division that dealt with home console releases in the early 1990's, Namcot, but spelled backwards.

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