"I'm getting spectral readings in this area, Pac-Man!"
— Orson

The Cragstone bridge is a huge bridge built by the Ancients in the Cragstone Mountains (hence its name). It is surrounded by some ruined buildings and two gates that can rise and lower with the help of two buttons. Its possible purpose is communicating with the Spectral Realm, travelling to it and/or simply getting across the abyss. Considering it was built thousands of years earlier than the time of Pac-Man, it is in a surprisingly good condition (only a small portion of it is destroyed, the gates work and all pillars are intact). It appears in the level Cragstone Bridge.


The Bridge with the gates open


The Cragstone Bridge was built by the Ancients millenniums ago. They are the same who lived in the Banni Wastelands and the other regions of the Cragstone Mountains.


  • If the Ancients did not have any king of technology, it would have been impossible for them to build the pillars of the bridge. This might be denied by the buttons and the rev roll plates existing there.
  • The spectral energy Orson detects might come from one of the buildings around and not from the bridge.

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