The Bear Basics

The Bear Basics Title Screen

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2 (bonus)
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The Bear Basics is the second level of Pac-Man World 2. As its name suggests, this level introduces Pac-Man to gameplay elements such as jumping, butt bouncing, rev rolling, pac-dot chains and swimming. These abilities are taught to the player through the use of small signs with question marks.


Pac-Man starts the level in a field of tall stumps and pac-dots. However, he isn't alone; two ghosts wander the small field, looking for any intruders who might come. Pac-Man can easily eat these two ghosts with the use of two power pellets.

Next, Pac-Man comes to a small elevation in the land. A sign tells the player that Pac-Man can jump up it. He then comes to a dip, with a few pac-dots and a token inside. A sign by the dip tells the player that pac-man has the ability to pull himself up while hanging on ledges, shimmy right or left, or jump off the ledge. Pac-Man then comes to an area with multiple crates. A sign teaches the player how to butt-bounce to break them. This skill is also used to defeat a Pac-Cub Pac-Man encounters a moment later.

After defeating the cub, Pac-Man faces a steep hill. A sign tells the player Pac-Man is capable of rev-rolling, to make it up steep faces. At the top of the hill, Pac-Man butt-bounces on a green button, reveling a path of pac-dots with a large red one at the beginning of it. This is a pac-dot chain, which gives Pac-Man access to area that can't be normally reached.

Once Pac-Man follows the pac-dot chain over another hill, he comes to another field with thorn bushes and crates. Above the bushes are fruit and tokens; inside the crates are fruit and pac-dots. Then Pac-Man uses the kick-flip to break open a crate floating in the air.

Pac-Man comes to a small lake. He is able to swim across it to the other side, where two crates each holding a Pac-Cub lie. Once Pac-Man makes it past the two crates, he'll reach the portal, and complete the level.

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