A Sword Skeleton in Pac-Man World 2

The Sword Skeleton is an enemy in Pac-Man World and Pac-Man World 2. In Pac-Man World, he is first encountered in Buccaneer Beach. Besides the ghosts, he is the first enemy fought in the game. He wears a red bandanna, and carries a sort of rapier sword. He can be killed by a Butt-Bounce, a Rev-Roll, a Pac-Shoot, and a Super Pac Shoot. When killed, he bursts into a flurry of bones. He is not to be confused with the Torch Skeleton.

The Sword Skeleton also appears in Pac-Man World 2 on Ghost Island, in Night Crawling and Ghost Bayou. They
Sword Skeleton

In Pac-Man World

can be killed by Butt-Bouncing and Rev-Rolling.

In-Game Description in Pac-Man World 2

"Think skeletons are scary in real life? Try these ones on for size. They don't have anything to fear, because they don't have a brain!"


  • In both Pac-Man World Games, the Sword Skeleton strikes a pose before he attacks. This makes it easier to kill them.
  • They appear briefly in Pac-Man World Rally, where they are seen hanging up on a wall in the track called Pirate Cove.