Super Pac, and P.J., with the main cast.

"A perfect three-point landing. Both feet and my face..."

Super Pac (voiced by Lorenzo Music) is a superhero pac-person from another dimension. He appears in Pac-Land via portals that appear out of nowhere. He takes on situations that Pac-Man can't handle. His mouth goes out of control and can only be stopped when he is thrown back into his home dimension. He isn't quite as smart or effective as he likes to believe he is sometimes. Pac-Man often shows a mild level of exasperation with Super-Pac's borderline ineptitude and regards him as an annoyance. He doesn't seem like help at first but when he gets angry he becomes stronger. But in the end he proves to be helpful. Usually.

Super-Pac always speaks in a loud, overly melodramatic tone of voice.

His powers include flight, super strength and speed. His main weapon is what he refers to as his "Super Timewarp Space Holes" Which allow him to traverse differences instaneously.


- His name is a reference to the game Super Pac-Man.

- Super-Pac's base of operations is what he refers to as his Super Timewarp Space Home. A realm of countless Super Timewarp Space Holes. With a recliner, coffee table and a lamp.

- The Super Timewarp Space Holes originated from the corridors on either side of the earlier maze-based games that slow down the ghosts but allow Pac-Man and his family to pass through unimpeded. A popular nickname for them at the time were "Time Tunnels".

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