Sue in her arcade (taken from

Not to be mistaken by Sue the ghost, Sue the Pac-Person is much different. She is the owner of the arcade in Pac-Village in which you collect tokens to unlock games. Her house is very easy to spot due to its ice-cream roof and she always wears an ice cream hat. It is thought that she wears a different flavor each day but it is not confirmed due to the game being said to take place all in one day.

Sue, the Pac-Person. Note her ice-cream hat.

In Pac-Man World 2

Sue appears in the arcade. The arcade has a green roof. Sue allows Pac-Man to play the games in the arcade once he earns the right amount of tokens needed to play. They are set up like an arcade in which each machine has a joy stick, buttons, etc. Sue opens up the first maze on the Pac-Man World 2 mazes. The rest must be earned by finding the Galaxian in each level.


  • Sue shares her name with the purple ghost from Ms. Pac-Man.
  • Sue's arcade resembles the Namco Arcade.