Not to be confused with Sue (Pac-Person).

Sue (Japanese: スー Suu) is a purple ghost from the Pac-Man series.


Pac-Man Arcade series

Ms. Pac-Man

Sue first appeared alongside Blinky, Pinky, and Inky in the game Ms. Pac-Man. She was identical to Clyde from the original Pac-Man, and moved in the same random patterns. The reason for the name change from Clyde to Sue was due to Ms. Pac-Man having her own arch-enemy. This is similar to the orange ghost in Pac-Man Jr., named Tim.


Based on the Pac-Man animated series, Pac-Land features Sue as the only female Ghost Monster (Pinky is male in the cartoon). She does not ride a vehicle and always chases Pac-Man, like Blinky does in the traditional games. Sue travels at a slow pace (in fact, Sue is the slowest ghost in this game), but when time starts to run out, she begins to charge at Pac-Man mercilessly.


Carrying over her aggressive persona from Pac-Land, Sue behaves as Blinky typically would, but never enters "scatter" mode (she momentarily changes direction with the other ghosts, but always uses Pac-Man as her target). However, Sue moves at the same speed as Pinky in this game, which is pretty fast compared to the other ghosts, but slightly slower than Blinky (who always moves the fastest).


In one of the versions of this game, Sue can appear as one of the ghosts dropped with a block. She is also the primary ghost dropped for the 2nd player in "VS Mode".

Pac-Man 256

Sue makes her first appearance in twenty-three years in Pac-Man 256. She appears in groups of three, and can only move horizontally. She is also the slowest of all the ghosts.



Sue originally appears as an orange ghost in Ms. Pac-Man, as a female counterpart to Clyde. She is later depicted as a violet ghost, based on the animated series version. Unlike the other ghosts, Sue often appears to have narrow eyes and eyeshadow, presumably to express her gender.


Sue is never given a defined personality, though the animated series depicted her as somewhat sly but like the other ghost monsters, she has an extreme lack of intelligence. In several Pac-Man games, Sue is one of the more aggressive ghosts chasing after Pac-Man, particularly in Pac-Mania.

In other media

Hanna-Barbera Cartoon

Sue appears as the fifth Ghost Monster in the Pac-Man animated series, and the only female member. Rather than being orange, as in her appearance in Ms. Pac-Man, Sue was depicted as purple. Rather than wearing a specific hat, as each of the male ghosts wore, Sue wore a pair of earrings. Sue was often defeated by Ms. Pac-Man. She was voiced by Susan Silo.
Animated Sue

Sue, with Inky and Pinky.


  • In the first episode of the Hanna-Barbera television series, she describes herself as "Sly little Sue." Additionally, the episode Nighty Nightmares reveals Sue is afraid of spiders.


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