Stony is an enemy from Pac-Man World 2. It is a living rock creature that attacks by breathing fire balls. It was created by ancient races to act as their guard. It can only be defeated when Pac-man uses a Steel ball (Chrome) power-up and does an ordinary attack. If Pac-man attacks normally without one, he will either be damaged or burnt. It may sometimes be called a stone mummy or stone ape from its look.

In-Game Description

Stony is a magical rock creature that shoots fireballs out of its mouth. Stony is a great guardian for the ancient races and never moves from the area that it blocks. Stony matches the terrain that surrounds it, and can be difficult to distinguish from the surrounding terrain. It was found in the Tiki Tiki Rap Volcano which one is seen in Into The Volcano, one seen in Volcanic Panic, and two in Magma Opus.

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