Spunky (Japanese: ミリョクテキ Miryokuteki) is a minor recurring grey ghost in the Pac-Man series who first appeared in Pac-Mania. She is female and serves as a counterpart to Funky.



In the game, she jumps as high as Pac-Man but can only jump in Sandbox land and Jungly steps. She is harder to avoid with jumps, but it is still possible to jump on her without being touched by her. She appears in the Pac-Man Park cutscene and Sandbox land cutscene, but she is shown in Jungly steps and in some versions in Sandbox land. After passing Jungly steps, she appears again in level 9 (Block town with a pink or purple palette) and in following levels, but in these levels she couldn't jump until the player reaches SandBox land again.

Pac-Man 256

Spunky appears in Pac-Man 256. Her AI is to sleep until Pacman gets close to her and then she will chase Pacman until Pacman eats a certain powerup or she falls back to sleep again.


  • Spunky is mostly known as the "Gray Common", but she only appears gray in the Arcade version. In the other versions she is shown as a black ghost (with a yellow outlines in NES Pac-Mania).
  • Same as Funky, she couldn't jump until reaching level 3.
  • Spunky, like Orson, is gray in color. They should not be confused, though, as Orson is a different lighter tint of grey.
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