Spiral (Japanese: スパイラル Supairaru) is one of the three main protagonists of Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. He is a red oval-shaped Pac-Person with blue hair. He is voiced by Samuel Vincent, was also voices the President and Betrayus.


Pac Man

Spiral and Pac are roomates and best friends, and Spiral is shown to very protective of him, as shown when he stands up to Skeebo for Pac.


Spiral and Cylindria are shown to be very close friends. Both tend to play the role of the straight man to the more comical characters.

Name Origin

Spiral's name is based as it is implied: a swirly shape in a continuous circular motion. Spiral's name is mistaken for the purple dragon from the Spyro the Dragon, Legends of Spyro, and Skylanders series named Spyro.

Spiral also refers to the style of his hair.