Spiked Armalopes are enemies that appear in Pac-Man World 3.


The Spiked Armalopes are relatives of the armalopes. They have spikes on there head and going down there back. They first appear in the Banni Wastelands and keep appearing through out the game. They are more aggressive and less docile then the normal armalopes. They offten appear in packs and are very carnivorous.They usally appear as a higher authority then even that of the red normal armalopes. They usally charge at enemys but can also claw enemies other knowlege about them is pretty much just like that of the armalopes.


Light and Dark Green: These like the armalopes follow red spiked armalopes and appear dumber and weaker though the dark ones usallly appear in great numbers over wealming the enemy.

Red: These like normal armalopes are higher authority then green stonger smarter and faster. They appear as the highest authority in the armalope/ spiked armalope packs.

Orange: Very rare and strange the orange spiked armalopes are strange because they're is no recorded of any orange normal armalopes.


The Spiked Armalopes skin makes them appear as reptiles but their body structure is not like any other reptiles. The one thing thats very reptilian looking besides the skin is their jaws which look quite lizard like. They may also be amphibian as well because they can be found jumping out of the liquid slime in the bot bone yard. Their teeth and claws make them look like carnivores. But their charging motion may be a sign they are herbivores

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