The Spike Mummy is an enemy from Pac-Man World. Spike Mummies are found in Manic Mines which are in the Volacano Ruins area, the second area on Ghost Island. The Spike Mummies are about the size of Pac-Man. They have a small spike on their head, with a gray body, and a yellow/orange and black head. They pop out of a tomb with small carvings in the walls of the ruins, and walk towards Pac-Man in traditional Mummy fashion, with arms extended in front of them. Because of the spike on the Spike Mummy's head, Pac-Man cannot Butt Bounce on them; He must Rev Roll into them.

If a Spike Mummy comes too close to Pac-Man, it will quickly kick him, causing him to lose health. This may also be reffered to as a drop kick.