Spectralogy is the study of the Spectral Realm.

History of the Spectral Realm

The Spectral Marx (Big Bang) (5,000,000,000,000 B.C.)

The Spectral Marx began the Spectral Realm. It is believed to be in the Pac Realm, The Big Bang.

Recent History (2007)

In Pac-Man World 3, Pac-Man defeats Erwin before the Realm ripped apart the Universe.

The Spectral Marx

The Spectral Marx was an explosion of the singularity & twisted & warped into 2 realms, to Spectral Realm Inhabitants, this is known as the Spectral Marx, However, in the neighboring realm, It is known as the Big Bang, The Spectral Marx was a warp in the division of the universe, creating space & time.


Spectral Disorientation

Spectral Disorientation is destruction of the spectral realm in a paradoxical situation, It is also the fact of differences of geology & geography of the Spectral Realm scarred by damage caused in the past

Spectral Paradox

A Spectral Paradox is a situation happening in the real world, in which, spacetime is being shred to pieces by some source of matter such as syphons, This kind of paradox is impossible to achieve as it defys the laws of the universe, causing a temporal paradox (even though it involves time travel, this kind of paradox exists in another form for the Spectral Realm)

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