The Spectral Zenith is the third of four levels here in the Spectral Realm in the game Pac-Man World 3. This level shows just how much Spectral Energy Erwin has syphoned, and its a wonder as to why it hasn't just collapsed through to the Real World yet. But it proves that the state of it's condition is that the destroyed matter of the Realm is about to dawn on the Earth in the form of a Spectral Paradox.

Nefarious Scheme 57

"Didn't we beat Erwin already? His syphons are scrap, right?"
— Pac-Man to Orson

The Spectral Realm is in a serious state of degrading. Following Pac-Man destroying the last syphon, he and Orson are confused. The syphons had been destroyed but the realm was not repairing itself as it should be. Pac-Man has to navigate through this level fighting Spectral Monsters and directing spectral beams along the way. He faces the tough challenges of crossing a huge chasm and collecting crystals for Pac-Dot Machines and the 'final showdown' with the Spectral Monsters. At the end of the level, Pac-Man looks down upon Shadow Temple.

"Orson, I can see a temple. Is that my target?"
— Pac-Man to Orson

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