Monstruos espectrales
Spectral Monsters are enemies in Pac-Man World 3. They are fiery creatures from the Spectral Realm that are made angry due to Erwin's tampering with their home. They seem less intelligent than ghosts, but are more dangerous due to their unique abilities. Pac-Man can eat Spectral monsters the same way as he does ghosts.


The abilities of the Spectral Monsters depend on their color. Touching any of them will take one life point.

Spectral Hunters

They are the first type of Spectral Pac-Man encounters and are the most basic ones. They are red-orange and chase the player and will swipe when in close range.

Spectral Sneakers

Like the Spectral Hunters, but are light green and charge at Pac-Man. The time it takes for them to start charging makes it easy to dodge their attacks.

Spectral Spitters

They are purple and do not chase the player (they can hurt by touching too), but instead stay at a distance and use long lasers that follow Pac-Man. It can be hard to eat many of them with one Power Pellet since they are at a relatively far place.


  • The ghosts from the original Pac-Man game were officially called "Monsters", but they were colloquially called "Ghosts". This could possibly be why Spectral Monsters are referred to as such.
  • Pac-Man first refers to the Spectral Monsters as "Spewing Ghosts" mainly because they look like ghosts made out of vomit.
  • Spectral Monsters sometimes tend to back away when the player is near a Power Pellet.
  • Their museum card designs are very different from their in-game look.
  • Some static Spectral eyes can be seen in a Galaxian Maze (two pairs) and in a part of Dungen Gunden. They were most likely placed by mistake.