"Heeeeeeeeeelp Whoooooooo? I said, Help ME! "
— Pac-Man and Pinky atop the Spectral Cliffs

The Spectral Cliffs are the first of four levels in the Spectral Realm. This area of the Spectral Realm is where you meet Pinky and the Spectral Fiend. This place has significant importance, as this is the area where you get teleported to the most. Its rich history for many ghosts explains why it looks different to everyone.


"The last I heard from Pinky came at the top of this Realm. Why don't you try there?"
— Orson

Ghosts have been living here for years. Orson, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde all grew up here. This place has a lot of history, as all the Ghosts and Spectral Monsters have been in seriously bad moods since Erwin has been syphoning here. As a result, these Spectral Monsters, along with Clyde and Orson, have been in seriously bad moods lately.

Nefarious Scheme 57

"Nefarious Scheme 57 is a big fat go! Nothing can stop me now, mwahahahaha!"
— Erwin

As part of Erwin's Nefarious Scheme 57, he has been syphoning this place since Pac Man World. When Orson was still an evil baddie, he had shared information to Erwin about wanting more power, Should he want more power, all he had to do was syphon the Spectral Realm. According to the cutscene between the Banni Wastelands and the Spectral Cliffs, Erwin said that Nefarious Scheme 57 is a big fat go, and nothing could stop him. This meant that he had been syphoning for quite some time, and only now, during Pac-man's 25th birthday has the damage been increasing lately. Pac-Man must defeat the syphons around and in the Spectral Realm so it doesn't collapse into the world of Pac-Man.

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