Specter is a suave and charismatic spy ghost who worked for Betrayus. He appeared in episode 25 of Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, "The Spy Who Slimed Me".


He is a tall gray Lightning Ghost with a curved appendage on his head resembling well-styled hair and he wears a cravat with a black bow-tie on his chest and white cuffs on his wrist. He is apparently considered very attractive by Ghost standards and has a very handsome and suave face. Even Pinky was not immune to his good looks and showed interest in him, but she still stayed true to her love for Pac-Man.


Specter is evil and very clever and is considered very attractive by Ghosts.


Specter is known to possess PacWorlders and Pac-Animals, he can also use lightning power as revealed in the beginning of the episode; "The Spy Who Slimed Me".


Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

The Spy Who Slimed Me


  • Specter is based on famed film character James Bond, down to the wearing of a tuxedo and a British accent.
    • Ironically, the next James Bond movie will be called Spectre. Whether this was a coincidence or not is unknown.


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