Sour Puss (Japanese: サワーポーズ Sawāpōzu) is Ms. Pac-Man's pet kitten. He first appeared in the Pac-Man animated series. He later appeared in Pac-Land and Pac-Man World. He is often depicted as the rival of Chomp-Chomp, Pac-Man's pet dog.


Pac-Man TV Series

First appearing in the Pac-Man TV series, Sour Puss was introduced in the episode Picnic in Pacland, where he constantly plotted to get rid of or humiliate Chomp-Chomp. His plans were always thwarted, usually ending up in him hurting himself. He is voiced by Peter Cullen.


Sour Puss appears in the American version of Pac-Land at Pac-Man's home. Outside his house, Pac-Man finds Sour Puss being chased by Chomp-Chomp, similar to their relationship in the Pac-Man animated series. Sour Puss only appears in the American version of this game.

Pac-Man World

Sour Puss (Pac-Man World)

Sour Puss as he appears in Pac-Man World.

Sour Puss appears in the opening of Pac-Man World. He is seen in the kitchen of Pac-Man's home with Ms. Pac-Man, though it is unknown what happens to him after Ms. Pac-Man is captured.


  • The character's name is a clear pun on the word "sourpuss", which describes his personality.