Slug Cams are unique breed of three-eyed Monster Slugs that can transmit what they see to specially-designed monitors in the Netherworld as though they were living cameras.


They are larger than average Slugs with orange-colored bodies and purple backs. They have two small, thin eye-stalks and have a large central eye-stalk with a complex eyeball with a red pupil, black sclera and numerous tiny white lights around the pupil which act as the camera.


Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

In Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, they are commonly used by Betrayus and Dr. Buttocks to spy on Pac-World. Despite appearing artificial, they are very much alive and capable of emotion, and will show fear at getting to close to Pac-Man or his friends. One was even moved to tears by the singing of Skeebo and cringing wen pac-man singing. juging the ears or ear are in or near the eye.

The Spy Who Slimed Me

In The Spy Who Slimed Me, a notable Slug Cam named Larry who was friends with the Ghost Gang helped Pac-Man out in his plan to defeat Specter. Larry recorded Specter's speech about betraying Betrayus and how he planned to take over Pac-World and then showed the recording to Betrayus which helped to imprison Specter once and for all.

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