Slugs are small and mostly harmless Monsters from the Netherworld that appear throughout Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. They are very common in the Netherworld and are even used as food by Ghosts and can apparently be prepared into a wide assortment of dishes, even "Slug Dogs". Ogle's Infamous Slug Dog And Roach Burgers specializes in slug cuisine among other things. A variant of Slugs known as Slug Cams are used by Betrayus for espionage purposes.


Slugs are small yellow and slimy mollusks with no real traits that stand out as notable. However they can alter their size at will on rare occasions.


Slugs are ridiculously weak and small and are incapable of doing any actual harm most of the time. However rarely they will display the ability to grow 10x their size and release toxic gases that can melt almost anything. Even though this gas is deadly, the Slugs themselves are still weak and can be taken out with almost any of the Power Berries.


  • Green Slugs: The most common species of Slug.
  • Giant Sea Slugs: A purple underwater variety of Slugs that slowly get bigger as they are approached.
  • Slug Cams: Slugs that act as surveillance units for Betrayus. They are orange.


Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

Slugs often appear in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures as common pests in the Netherworld and are often seen being eaten by other Ghosts. Rarely though, they will act as enemies towards Pac-Man and his friends.

Indiana Pac and the Temple Of Slime

In Indiana Pac and the Temple Of Slime, Slugs appear residing within the Temple of Slime. Pac-Man and his friends activate a trap which releases a Slug that grew incredibly large and release a dangerous acidic gas. Pac-Man was able to easily subdue it though with his Ice Berry.


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