Shadow Temple is the last level of Pac-Man World 3. It is the temple of the Spectral Realm, where Erwin prepares to create a paradox. It is dark purple with lava around to stop Pac-Man from reaching the final Syphon, intended for Inky and Blinky. The temple can be seen from there but he has to go down with and elevator and fight some Mutonians, K-Trons and Gyrotrons. He ends up in some ruins, where Erwin has put lasers and Ancient Defenders live. Orson shows how surprised he is the two worlds (the Spectral Realm and Pac-Land) could come so close without collapsing. In the final area, Erwin comes from the sky in his Tera(decahydra)tron (spoken of after the first battle), which now has legs, two rocket launchers, double lasers, can produce a blue damaging wave and has Inky and Blinky in glass traps. Like the Gigatron, it has a shield that can be deactivated by 4 crystals instead of 3.

Final Syphon

"I'm gonna need a bigger Power Pellet!"
— Pac-Man

At the beginning, Pac sees a giant Syphon with legs coming from the air. After it lands on a rock surrounded by lava, a beam of light comes out of it, meaning it had started syphoning. After Pac-Man destroys the Teratron, Erwin is pullled into the Syphon, which blows up and Pac-Man is teleported back in the village.


  • Orson mentions the "Iwatani coil". Toru Iwatani is the creator of arcade game Pac-Man.
  • The Teratron cannot fly, as seen from how it is built, but it somehow comes from the air.
  • Only Pac-Man's head is teleported at first, without the nose. Then Orson repairs the glitch and brings all his limbs.
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