Seems Like Old Times is the twelfth episode of Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. It aired on July 2nd, 2013.

PATGA Cartoon Screenshot 38


Sir Comference asks Pac-Man, Spiral, and Cylindria to help him get two drops of Slimetanium(Cyclops Eye Goo) for an invention he's been working on. But Sir Comference messes up the mission and they only get one drop of Slimetanium. Spiral and Cylindria get mad at Sir Comference, so he go the Netherworld alone and he gets the last drop of Slimetanium. But he gets caught by other ghosts and is taken to Betrayus.


  • Pacster/Pac-Man
  • Spiral
  • Cylindria
  • Betrayus
  • Dr. Buttocks
  • Butt-ler
  • Sir Comference
  • Pr Spheros
  • Ghost Gang


The episode is named after the 1980 film by the same name.

This episode shows one of the few times when Butt-ler and Dr. Buttocks get along and work together.

Previous Episode

Nobody Knows

Next Episode

Betrayus Turns The Heat Up

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