Puffer Fish are enemies in Pac-Man World. They are found in Cosair's Cove, and Crisis Cavern. The Puffer Fish are small, green fish with orange spikes all over their body. When the fish see Pac-man, they puff up, and extend their spikes. The only way to defeat the Puffer Fish is an underwater Pac D
Puffer Fish

Puffer Fish puffed

ot Shoot. Since Pacman can't Pac Dot Shoot underwater, he needs a Chrome Suit to do it. It is quite difficult to destroy them, for it's hard to get Pac-Man's aim just right to hit the Puffer Fish in mid-air(water). This is actually the only enemy that can be killed by the Pac Dot Shoot, but not the Super Pac Dot Shoot, because to kill the Puffer Fish, a Pac Shoot must be executed in mid water/air. It is impossible to do a Super Shoot in 
Puffer Fish 1

Puffer Fish not puffed

the air. The Puffer Fish is the only enemy underwater. (Excluding Ghosts, which are in a maze in a Fruit Door Maze.