Professor Pointybrains is the chief scientist of Planet Pointy Head and the overall lackey of Apex.


Professor Pointybrains resembles a common Pointy Head, having a pointy scalp (although a bit wider than most), silver skin, four tentacle-like legs and two arms with three fingers. However unlike other Pointy Heads, he possesses a white scruffy mustache and wears a pair of thick glasses.


Like Apex, he is very egotistical and views Pac-People and Ghosts as primitive, and that their technology is not even advanced enough to boil water. This makes him act quite pompous and evil.


Professor Pointybrains is praised by Apex as the most brilliant scientist on Planet Pointy Head, indicating that he is the most intelligent member of his species and professes to have vast technological prowess that far surpasses those of the Ghosts and Pac-Worlders. In actuality though, his claims may be greatly exaggerated, as the Pointy Head weaponry was only capable of giving Pac-People an allergic reaction and sending Ghosts back to the Netherworld rather than neutralize them. He even labeled Ghosts and Pac-Worlders as primates despite one of them being spectral entities with no bodies and the others obviously having unique biological traits. Even the Pac-Worlders' "primitive" weaponry was enough to hold them off and could easily be challenged by fruit projectiles. The only notable technology of his kind is their mastery of space travel and giants robots (however these robots can be easily subdued due to their lack of balance and the notable weak spot in their feet).


Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

Invasion of the Pointy Heads

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