Professor Pac-Man was the original title character of the 1983 eponymous video game, Professor Pac-Man. In the original arcade game, he is presented as simply the original Pac-Man wearing a professor hat and a pair of reading glasses. In this video game he is holding a book full of questions that the player must answer.

In subsequent games Professor Pac-Man is presented as a separate character, an elderly professor of great knowledge. He is presented as a mentor to the original Pac-Man hero.

In Pac-Man World

In the Pac-Man World video games, Professor Pac-Man appears as an old man. He has no laboratory seen in the games. However, in Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness, he appears to have a lab wherein he gets absorbed by the mirror and gives the pactrometer to Ms. Pac-Man. Professor Pac-Man is a good friend and possibly a mentor to Pac-Man.


Professor Pac-Man (Prof. Pac) appears as an older gentleman with a white mustache. He is always seen wearing a professor hat. He is often seen carrying a book of some sort around. On one occasion it is the history on Pac-Land in Pac-Man World 2. He also appears in Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness as said above.


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