Pac-Man: A chomp a day keeps the Ghost Monsters away!

[The ghosts invade the Yellow House]

Pac-President: What is the meaning of this?

Sue: It's quite simple Mr. President, you're being pac-napped.

Inky: Yeah, how does that grab you? [Chomps the Pac-President]

Mezmeron: Pac-Man will be forced to reveal the location of the Power Forrest!
Clyde: Oh, oh, oh, right boss! That plan is fool-proof!
Inky: You mean, even we can't mess it up?
Mezmeron: Go!!!

Pac-Man: [after he crashes to the ground] Next time I take a ride like that, I'm bringing a knuckle-riser.

Clyde: There aint going to be any next time Sazer Pac-Man, cause we are going to chomp all over you!

[Ms. Pac-Man arrives]

Ms. Pepper Pac-Man: That's what you think, creepo's! Equip!

Sue: It's Ms. Pac-Man!

Pepper: [patting Pac-Man's head] Are you alright, Packy darling?

Pac-Man: Well, I was feeling a bit run down, but now that you are here Pepper, I'm feeling much better!

Clyde: Good, now we can chomp both of you'se!

Pepper: I wouldn't be to sure about that!

[Returning to headquarters after being chomped by Pac-Man]

Pinky: Hi-ya boss, you'll never guess how we messed up this time. Pac's a GranSazer!

Mezmeron: I don't have to guess, I saw it all! On my Pac-Land spy satellite.

Pinky: [Laughing] Oh, me on TV? How did I look Mezmeron?

Mezmeron: Shut up!

[After eating power pellets] Pac-Man: Mmmm! Those were good, but I still got the munchies--for Ghost Monster munchies!

Clyde: Were taking you for a little ride! [laughs evilly] and if you don't tell us were the power forest is, Pinky lets go!

Blinky: Oh, if Pinky lets go what happens to us? [sobs]

Clyde: Don't ask dumb questions!

[After the Pac-President chomps Pinky] Pac-Man: Nice goin', Pac-Prez!
Pac-President: Thanks. I haven't had a good chomp since the election!

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