Presidential Pac-Nappers is the first episode of the Pac-Man animated series. The second segment of the first episode is Picnic in Pacland.

Pac-Man - Presidential Pac-Nappers (S01E01a)10:40

Pac-Man - Presidential Pac-Nappers (S01E01a)

Plot Synopsis

The episode begins with Pac-Man getting chased by the Ghost Monsters across Pac-Land. Pac-Man comments that he is running out of "Pac-Power," and needs Power Pellets to replenish his strength. Sue uses a pipe to fling Pac-Man into the air, allowing the Ghosts to corner the hero. However, Ms. Pac-Man appears and rescues Pac-Man. She gives Pac-Man a bunch of Power Pellets, which turns the Ghosts blue. They flee, but Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man are able to eat all five of them. They return to Mezmeron, who scolds them for failing once again. Mezmeron reveals his plans to gain control over all the Power Pellets from the Power Forest. Clyde reminds Mezmeron that Pac-Man is the chief of Power Forest. Mezmeron tells the Ghosts they will take over the Yellow House, home to the President of Pac-Land.

Later, the Ghost Monsters break into the Yellow House, capturing the Pac-President. They then broadcast their plan on television, with Clyde revealing to Pac-Man that they've kidnapped the President. Pac-Man leaves immediately to save him, and confronts the Ghosts. The Ghosts charge at Pac-Man, but are tricked by an inflatable Pac-Man. While they're distracted, Pac-Man rescues the Pac-President, giving him his last Power Pellet. The Ghosts corner Pac-Man, demanding to know where the Power Forest is. He refuses, so Clyde orders Pinky to inhale enough air to lift the entire Yellow House. Pac-Man tells the Ghosts where the Power Forest is, and Pinky returns the Yellow House to the ground. Mezmeron appears, and Pac-Man informs him the Power Forest is nearby.

However, Mezmeron realizes he was tricked, and a swarm of Pac-People attack him, chomping at him as he retreats. Ms. Pac-Man gives Pac-Man some power pellets, enabling him to eat the Ghost Monsters, with the help of Ms. Pac-Man and the Pac-President. With the enemies gone, Pac-Man asks his wife what she's making for dinner. She tells him he can have anything he wants, from Power Pellet Pie to Banana Pellet Split.


Presidential Pac-Nappers/Quotes


  • Blinky's voice is deeper than the rest of series.
  • When Blinky eats a Pac-Man Cake, there's 3 left, but in the next scene, there's 4.

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