Power Berries come in various colors and are grown from the tree of life, they appear in place of the Power Pellets in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures.


  • Ice Berry (Cyan): only way to eat Fire Ghosts without significant damage.
  • Flight Berry (Pink): makes user immune to gravity
  • Titanium Berry (Metalic): can also use magnet and drill abilities
  • Pac-Zilla Berry (Grey With Glowing Green Stripes): immense increase in size and strength for 10 minutes or less
  • Grow Berry (glowing yellow): increase in size and strength for one minute or less
  • Shrink Berry (Pink with purple swirl) Shrinks user.
  • Inflate Berry (Purple with pink swirl) inflation followed by a turbo charged fart
  • Rubber Berry (Yellow): increase in speed and bouncyness but decreases monuverability
  • Chameleon Berry (glowing Green): can use super tongue and invisibility
  • Vacuum Berry (Dark Blue): can suck in ghost from a ranged distance, tongue becomes vacuum tube.
  • Fire Berry (Red-Orange): fire proof and fire blast abilities
  • Fishing Reel Berry (Magenta): mostly used against Aqua Ghosts
  • Plasma Berry (Neon-red): good for one super powerful plasma blast
  • Close Combat Berry (Green): increases strength, speed, stamina, and agility.
  • Boulder Berry (stone-grey with black markings): Turns user into an indestructable rolling boulder. 
  • Galeforce Berry (Red): makes one to blow galeforce winds every time they open their mouth.
  • Elder Berry (Black with small white stripes. They are shaped like fruit and they existed long ago): turns user into an ape-like monster.
  • Planet Berry (same as the Earth colour sceme) Turns user into a Earth like planet time limit unknown. 
  • Garlic Berry (Garlic Color) Gives user the ability to create a jack-o-lantern made of green gas.
  • Gill Berry (Blue Color) Allows the user to breathe underwater.
  • Drill Berry (Yellow With Yellow-White Strips) Creates a drill for the user to ride on which greatly increases speed. (also known as Spin Berry or Tornado Berry)
  • Light Air Berry (Bright Pink) Makes user lighter than air.
  • Rocket Berry (Red) Gives user rocket engines that greatly increase speed.
  • Wizard Berry (Blue with Yellow Stars) Magical Power
  • Arachnid Berry (Dark Gray and Fuzzy) Spider-based Powers
  • Fly Berry (Light Blue) Fly-based Powers
  • Brain Berry (Brain-like) Super Intellectual Brain Powers


  • Some berries are rarer than others; flight berries are very common, Grow berries are much rarer.
  • Pac-Man can usually tell the difference between berries, but got a shrink berry confused with an inflation berry, so they may be the same color.
  • Pac-Man has a catch phrase for the Titanium berry; "Full steam ahead!"
  • Pac-Man also has a catch phrase for the Drill berry; "Pac-Panic!"
  • In the game, the Rubber Berry is a Reddish Pink.

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