Pooka Pop is a mini-game in the Pac-Man Party.


The screen shows the character who's first to pump up the Pooka.


The object of this mini-game is to get the most points while trying to avoid popping the Pooka in the middle. Each player gets 3 pumps per turn. The player can press the A button to pass on to the next player if they want to go now. Using a Power Cookie lets the player get more points for pumping up the Pooka in the middle, but becomes slightly bigger. All players become worried and scared once the Pooka has almost reached it's popping point. The player who pops the Pooka loses the mini-game.


The winner goes up to the top of the screen and does their victory pose. The 2nd and 3rd place players do nothing, while the player who popped the Pooka does their losing pose.


  • If the player does not pump for a while, a message appears. After the message, a 10 second timer appears. If the player does not pump at all in 10 seconds, the player will automatically pump 3 times. Players should not do this when the Pooka is about to pop.
  • In the beta version of Pac-Man Party, the number of pumps above the player was not in a bubble. In the final version, the number of pumps above the player are in a bubble.
  • This is the only game in Pac-Man Party that is pure luck. The only strategy is when the Power Cookie is used.

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