The Pooka Plant

The Pooka Plant is an enemy in Pac-Man World 2. It is found in the lava tubes and is nearly blind and also eats Pookas. When it spits out a Pooka, the Pooka becomes blue and aggressive.


Only one Pooka Plant can be found in the whole game, and that in the level Into The Volcano. Pooka Plants spit Pookas directly at Pac-Man when he's near. It can also hurt Pac-Man with its tongue. Pac-Man can easily dispose of the plant if he Butt-Bounces on it.

In Game Description

"The Pooka Plant is a plant creature that eats Pookas to survive. The Pooka Plant is nearly blind and has been known to attack and devour any other creatures that enter its path."


  • The Pooka Plant is the most rare enemy in Pac-Man World 2, having only one appearance.