Pointy Heads

Pointy Heads are little tentacled aliens with pointy heads that hail from Planet Pointy Head. Their leader is Apex, a sinister alien who has been planning to take over Pac-World for quite some time. Their most notable scientist is Professor Pointybrains.

Planet Pointy Head's location is currently unknown but will be revealed in Season 2.


Pointy Heads are short silver-skinned aliens with mollusk-like traits such as tentacles and apparently boneless bodies. As their name indicates they have rather pointy scalps with a somewhat triangular shape. Pointy Heads have four tentacles for legs and two lanky arms with three digits each. All Pointy Heads have sharp teeth and green eyes (minus Apex who has red eyes).


Apex and Professor Pointybrains claim that the Pointy Head race is vastly more intelligent than Pac-World's species and that Planet Pointy Head has technology that is far more advanced than those of Ghosts and Pac-Worlders. In actuality though, these claims are greatly exaggerated, as the Pointy Head weaponry was only capable of giving Pac-People an allergic reaction and sending Ghosts back to the Netherworld rather than neutralize them. Pointy Heads even labeled Ghosts and Pac-Worlders as primates despite one of them being spectral entities with no bodies and the others obviously having unique biological traits. Even the Pac-Worlders' "primitive" weaponry was enough to hold them off and could easily be challenged by fruit projectiles. The only notable technology of their kind is their mastery of space travel and giants robots (however these robots can be easily subdued due to their lack of balance and the notable weak spot in their feet).


Pointy Heads without their robots or weapons are actually physically weak. They are also overly hygienic and sensitive to "gross" things, such as body parts (aka eyeballs like the ones Ghosts are often turned into after being munched on and burped out by Pac-Man) and seeing them get spit in their direction causes them to freak out in a state of panic and disgust, showing how weak and sensitive they are to such matters.


  • They could be a reference to the aliens in "War of the Worlds", as they pilot giant robots and fear "gross" things (referring to how the germs killed the Martians).
  • Pointy Heads bear some physical similarities to the Mars People of the Metal Slug series. Like the Mars People, the Pointy Heads represent a third side to the conflict of both mythos.