Pac-Man Piranha
Piranha is a clone game of Pac-Man, only a bit different. In this game, Pac-Man is a Piranha and the Ghosts are Squids. There were also no borders in the maze and the power-pellets are sea shells.


Like the original Pac-Man game, the player controls the Piranha around the maze, and has to eat all the Pac-dots and avoid getting eaten by the squids. Also, just like with the ghosts when the Piranha eats the sea shell, the squids turn blue and the Piranha can eat the squids. But if the Piranha runs into the squids when there not blue, the Piranha turns into a skeleton (which means, the squids eat the Piranha). Once the Piranha eats all the Pac-dots, it's off to the next level (just like in the original Pac-Man).

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