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Pinky's Revenge is the third boss level of Pac-Man World 2 in which Pinky uses a blower, known as the Snow-O-Matic, to shoot snowballs out at Pac-Man and blows snow at Pac-Man. She clearly states that she is in love with Pac-Man. It is a level at the end of the Snowy Mountains.


The bottom of Pinky’s Snow-O-Matic is a circular saw; running into it will damage Pac-Man.

In the first wave, Pinky will shoot one snowball at Pac-Man five times before slowly moving clockwise around the arena. While moving, she is vulnerable to attack.

In the second wave, the Snow-O-Matic will spray a white vapor. If Pac-Man touches it, he will freeze for a second and lose one health wedge. After this, she will slowly move clockwise around the arena again.

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