Patra is a character introduced in Pac-Man Party. She is a very beautiful black cat or fox that resembles the Egyptian God Anubis. She is a priestess at the temple at Mirage Oasis.

Her in-game profile reads "Princess Patra wants to become a high priest like her father."



Patra in Pac-Man Party.

Pac-Man Party

In the story mode of Pac-Man Party, Patra meets Pac-Man while he is looking for the Ghost Gang in Mirage Oasis. Patra then introduces herself to him and tells him that she is a princess and lives in the great temple. She teams up with Pac-Man after the Ghost Gang insults her. After the duel, Pinky and Patra apologize to each other, and become friends.

Pac-Man Monsters


Patra, as shown in Pac-Man Monsters.

Patra appears in the iOS title Pac-Man Monsters, running the shop.


  • Patra is most likely named after Cleopatra, the Egyptian Empress.
  • In the Rewards, the end of her tail is white, but is all black in every other mode.
  • Patra is also based on Bastet, the Egyptian cat goddess.
  • She is better at minigames that involve jumping.
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