Pacula was the name of both an episode on the Pac-Man animated television series (see Pac-Man (TV Series)) and the name of a villainous character featured on the same espisode. Pacula was a mutant, vampire-like Pac-Person created by Mezmeron by using lightning to turn an ordinary bat into Pacula.



Mezmeron intended for Pacula to replace the Ghost Monsters Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde, and Sue due to their perceived incompetence. Pacula had the ability to incapacitate ordinary Pac-People by chomping them (like ghost monsters), could fly by turning into a bat, and was allergic to both sunlight and Power Pellets.

Pacula chomped several Pac-People watching a movie (Pac Wars) at a drive-in theater, and gave the citizens of until midnight to disclose the location of the forest of trees that was the main source of their Power Pellets. Pacula then waited a a castle in a swamp.

Meanwhile, the Ghost Monsters used a special formula created by Clyde to turn themselves into ghost vampires.

Pac-Man (accompanied by Ms. Pac-Man) forced a showdown by altering a clock to trick Pacula into thinking it was midnight when it was actually the morning.

When Pacula, the ghost vampires, Pac-Man, and Ms. Pac-Man met in the final showdown, Pac-Man opened a window in the castle exposing Pacula to sunlight, and Pac-Man and his wife consumed Power Pellets.

Pac-Man turned Pacula back into a plain bat by chomping him. Sue and Pinky tried to hide in Pacula's coffin, but Ms. Pac-Man chomped them, turning them into disembodied eyes with bat wings. Inky looked into a mirror, but Pac-Man chomped him into disembodied eyes with bat wings. Blinky and Clyde hid in a suit of armor, but Pac-Man used drum sticks on the armor, and the vibrations turned Blinky and Clyde into disembodied eyes with bat wings.




  • When the Ghost Monsters eyes float in they had water dripping from them. The 1st time was because of them being wet from the rain and the 2nd was because they were crying over loosing their job. It is unkown how they got their job back in later episodes.
  • A character by the name of Count Pacula appears as an antagonist in the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures episode A Berry Scary Night, although whether he is a tribute to the Pacula character or if their same names are simply a coincidence remains unknown.
  • The movie Pac Wars is a parody of the Star Wars series.