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App Logo for Pac Man Friends showing Pac Man, Magno-Pac (left) and Dragon-Pac (right).


Pac Man Friends is an iOS/Android App released in 2014 starring Pac-Man as he leads a desperate escape attempt from the ghosts' castle, meeting several new friends with unique and useful abilities along the way. The game features 95 levels (including the mysterious Dark Mazes), 5 different control methods, (including touch and tilt controls,) and 9 different types of "Pac People" (excluding Pac-Man himself). 


The opening movie shows Pac Man (represented by his traditional "Pac-Mania" form) breaking his prison chains and escaping captivity from Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde .


The game is a top down tilt/touch controlled maze-puzzle game, in which the objective is to consume all the Pac-Pellets and Fruits to unlock the door to next level. Upon completion of the stage, the player is given a star rating, (with 3 stars being the maximum and 1 being the minimum) if all criteria is met (E:G; Consume all fruit, escape with Pac-Man and escape with 1-5 of Pac-Man's friends).

The levels are divided onto a map screen with about 9-12 levels per map. On occasion, the player will not be able to progress past a certain point without first collecting a set amount of fruit/stars. For example on map 3, (the Hedge Maze) the player must collect all of the fruits from throughout the map before they pass to the next set of levels.

Pac-People Types

  • Pac-Man - The protagonist of the game leading the escape from the ghosts. He has no special abilities, but he is required to exit each level, where as the other Pac-People aren't, but are required to exit with Pac-Man in order to gain more stars. He is also the only one able to utilize Power Pellets.
  • Neon-Pac - A glowing neon-blue Pac-Person with the ability to brighten darkened areas, functioning much like a lantern.
  • Bouncy-Pac - A multi-coloured Pac-Person (coloured to resemble a beach-ball) with the ability to bounce off walls more than the other Pac-People. The more velocity he gains, the more powerful the bounce.
  • Magno-Pac - A half-red half-grey Pac-Person with the useful ability to magnetically attract Pac-Pellets if he gets close enough to them. Magno-Pac looks like a Pokeball.
  • Chunky-Pac - A large purple Pac-Person with small yellow dots (resembling freckles) near his mouth. He is the largest of all the Pac-People, and slightly bigger than Pac-Man himself. He has the ability to increase in size, much like a balloon.
  • Multi-Pac - A small grey Pac-Person with no special ability, but is usually used in numbers to compensate.
  • Ghost-Pac - A semi-transparent greeny-blue Pac-Person with the ability to pass through ghosts without getting hurt or devouring a Power Pellet.
  • Dragon-Pac - The smallest of the Pac-People who has the ability to fit through tighter spaces and move slightly faster than the other Pac-People.
  • Tiger-Pac - A large Pac-Person with a colour scheme evocative of a tiger with ability to devour special objects.
  • Funky-Pac - A small black and white Pac-Person (who's colour scheme resembles a black and white vintage cartoon). 

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