Pac 'n Roll


Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Series: Pac-Man series
Genres: Action
Release date(s): June 23, 2005 (Nintendo DS)
July 10, 2007 (Wii)
Number of players 1 player
Input methods Wii controller
Platforms Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii

Pac 'n Roll is a video game released on the Nintendo DS by Namco who developed and published it. In the game, the Pac-People are at the Power Pellet Harvest, while the ghost Golvis uses his magic guitar named Jack to rid the Pac-People of their arms and legs, and Pac-Man has to adventure through Pac-Land to save the Pac-People and defeat Golvis. It was released for the Nintendo Wii in Namco Museum Remix.


Pac-Man is staying at Pac-Master's during the school holidays to train in fighting against Ghosts. He hopes to be able to defend Pac-Land from the mischievous Ghosts himself one day. Pac-Master continuously defeats Pac-Man in combat, telling him that he needs to train harder to become a true Pac-Warrior.

Pac-Master trains Pac-Man.

Pac-Man, exhausted from training, sleeps like a log every night, but has the same dream that involves a large Ghost. He is woken up one day by Pac-Master's Wife, who invites him to the Harvest Festival. There, Pac-Master comments that they won't have to worry about Ghosts for a while, as they have a great harvest of Power Pellets.

Meanwhile, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde are watching Pac-Man on the television. They begin to panic, realizing that they don't stand a chance against the Pac-People. Pinky comes up with the idea to resurrect the "Legendary Ghost," who was sealed away by Ghosts in the past because he was so dangerous. At the Harvest Festival, Pac-Man meets up with Pac-Girl, Pac-Master's daughter. They walk around the Harvest Festival together until they spot a UFO in the sky. A mysterious figure laughs and reveals itself to be Golvis, the self-proclaimed king of Rock 'n Roll. Pac-Man recognizes him as the Ghost from his dreams. Pac-Master prepares to attack Golvis, eating a Power Pellet. The Ghosts turn blue, but Golvis is unaffected. Golvis begins playing his guitar, Jack, turning all the Pac-People into balls. Golvis gloats, telling Pac-Master to watch as he takes over Pac-Land. He then uses Jack to suck up Pac-Master and his family. Suddenly, a fairy named Krystal appears. Golvis tries to use Jack against her, but ends up getting sucked in himself. Krystal finds Pac-Man, who hadn't been captured by Golvis, and tells him he has to defeat the evil ghost. Pac-Man is unsure of himself, as Pac-Master couldn't even beat Golvis. Krystal guides Pac-Man through Castle Pac in order to find Golvis and restore peace to Pac-Land.


The Ghosts summon Golvis.

Pac-Man then discovers Golvis in Gyro-Jungle along with the other Ghosts. Golvis reveals his plans to turn Pac-Land into Ghost Land. Krystal tells Pac-Man he must eat as many Power Pellets as he can in order to defeat Golvis. Pac-Man eats three Power Pellets, enabling him to eat Golvis, who was surprised that Pac-Man knew how to defeat him. He flees, leaving Pac-Baby, Pac-Girl's little sister, behind. Pac-Man continues through Sweet Land, once again defeating Golvis. Clyde and the other Ghosts are unimpressed with Golvis' powers. Golvis flees once again, leaving Pac-Master's Wife. She is surprised that Pac-Man was able to save her and Pac-Baby, but thanks him anyway. Pac-Man once again finds Golvis in Ghost Land, this time rescuing Pac-Dog, his pet. Pac-Man then battles Golvis in the Flaming Fortress, though once Golvis is defeated, he retreats to his UFO. Pac-Girl is saved, thanking a blushing Pac-Man.

Golvis kidnaps the Pac-People.

Krystal tells them to save it for later, as they need to find a way to the UFO. She then finds a cannon that she suggests they use to blast Pac-Man up to the UFO. Pac-Man is hesitant, but Pac-Girl comments on his bravery, which boosts his confidence enough to get shot up to the UFO.

Making his way through Golvis' lair, Pac-Man finally discovers the villain. Golvis is shocked that Pac-Man and Krystal made it to his hideout, but attacks them regardless. After several battles, Golvis begins crying, asking why Pac-Man always has to take advantage of his clumsiness. Krystal scolds Golvis, then realizes the UFO is plummeting to the ground. The heroes make it out and reunite with Pac-Master and his family. With the UFO destroyed, Pac-Man and the rest of the Pac-People return to their original forms. Pac-Man then appears on television for his heroic deeds and soon after becomes a celebrity. Pac-Master congratulates Pac-Man for his excellent work, and Pac-Man realizes he no longer needs training from him. Meanwhile, the Ghosts watch television on a scrap from the UFO in the ocean. Golvis asks if he can watch the television with him, but the other Ghosts yell at him. Jack then reveals that he was sealed away in the past because he was so clumsy and only caused problems. Golvis starts crying, while the other Ghosts scream that they should have known that earlier.




  • Pac 'n Roll is supposed to take place before the original Pac-Man.
  • The level music in world 1 was reused in Pac-Man Monsters.