Pac & Pal is a game part of the Pac-Man series. Pac & Pal introduces a new character. It was made by Toru Iwatani and financed by Namco. The new character is a ghost who betrayed the others. Her name is Miru.

The Japanese arcade flyer for Pac and Pal Japanese: Pakku y Miru

The game is about Pac-Man and Miru trying to fight the ghosts and stop them once more from attacking Pac-Land. Miru's job is to bring fruit into the ghost pen and make sure the ghosts don't harm it. Pac & Pal was brought to America packaged alongside several other Namco games in Namco Museum Remix.


The story of the game is about a ghost named Miru who has betrayed the others. Pac-Man helps rescue Miru and keep her safe from the other ghosts. Pac-Man and Miru try to save the fruit and preserve it so the ghosts can not get at it. Miru is the only one who can safely get it into the ghost pen considering she is the only ghost on Pac-Man's side at the time.


Pacpal shot


The gameplay of Pac & Pal is very similar to the gameplay of Pac-Man. The only difference is the lack of Pac-Dots as in Super Pac-Man. The player must have Pac-Man open the cards and either eat the item available or let Miru take the item into the ghost house. Also instead of eating the ghosts by using a Power Pellet, Pac-Man can harness the power of something different - "singing". By equipping a Galaxian, Pac-Man can "sing" to the Ghosts, and stun them temporarily. The way their sprite is behaving defines if the Ghost you interacted with is still in a state of dizziness.

Scoring System

  • Vulnerable Ghosts:
    • #1 in succession - 200 points.
    • #2 in succession - 400 points.
    • #3 in succession - 800 points.
    • #4 in succession - 1600 points.
  • Cards:
    • PM Galaxian Galaxian Boss: 10 points
    • 🏎️ Rally X
    • 🎺 Trumpet
    • ⛄ Snowman
    • Pac-Replica
  • Fruit:
    • 🍒 Cherry: 50 points.
    • 🍓 Strawberry: 100 points
    • 🍊 Orange: 150 points
    • 🍎 Apple: 200 points
    • 🍈 Melon: 300 points
    • 🍋 Lemon: 400 points
    • 🍍 Pineapple: 500 points
    • 🔑 Key: 700-5000 points


Pac-Pal machine

Japanese tabletop machine.