Pac-Ranger is a character who appears in Pac-Man World 2, who appears to live in a house in Ice River Run, unless the house is some sort of base of operations. He first appears in Ice River Run saying:

"Pac-Man! It's great to see you! Everything around here has changed since Spooky and the Ghosts stole the Golden Fruit. Ghosts have been seen all around the mountain! Watch out for the Rev Roll Rams. They are mean. You might want to give them a taste of their own medicine. When they are dazed Butt-Bounce to finish them. Be careful out there, Pac-man. All of Pac-Land is counting on you!"

Pac-Ranger appears again in Blade Mountain, now standing on a pile of snow, saying:

"Welcome to the summit of Blade Mountain, Pac-Man. The only way down the other side is on a frozen river of ice. I have ice skates for you to wear so you won't slip and fall on all of the ice. I also have some tips to help you get to the bottom safely. Press up to maintain maximum speed. Use the ramps to clear the icy waters. Press the [jump button] at the top of each ramp to get maximum height! You can flip kick crates in the air by pressing the [Rev-Roll button] just before hitting them. Be careful out there, Pac-Man. All of Pac-Land is counting on you!"


Pac-Ranger wears a brown, cowboy-type hat with what looks like a sherriff's badge on it. Pac-Ranger wears mostly black boots with light orange gloves, and a brown belt. He also carries a pair of binoculars.


  • Pac-Ranger repeats his last two lines both times he is encountered: "Be careful out there, Pac-Man. All of Pac-Land is counting on you!"

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