The Pac-President is the president of Pac-Land from the Pac-Man animated series. He first and only appeared in the episode Presidential Pac-Nappers.


After being thwarted by Pac-Man once again, Mezmeron formed a plan to take over the Yellow House, the residence of the Pac-President. Mezmeron's minions, the Ghost Monsters, attacked the Pac-President and locked him in a cage. Clyde then advertised the fact that they had kidnapped the Pac-President over the television, alerting Pac-Man. Pac-Man quickly came to the Pac-President's rescue, giving him his last Power Pellet to restore his strength after being chomped by the Ghosts.

After being cornered by the Ghosts, the Pac-President's home was taken into the sky by Pinky, who threatened to drop it to the ground if they didn't comply with Clyde's demands. Pac-Man told the Ghosts where the hidden Power Forest was, tricking Pinky into lowering the Yellow House back to the ground. After luring Mezmeron into a trap, Pac-Man used Power Pellets to allow himself, Ms. Pac-Man, and the Pac-President to defeat the Ghosts.

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